How can I commission a custom quilt?

A T-shirt quilt tells the story of the person who owned the shirts. They are excellent as graduation gifts, to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, to blend families at a marriage, or as a tribute to someone has passed away. It is my privilege to be part of marking the important events my client’s lives.

A commissioned quilt project begins with a conversation, in person or by phone or Zoom, to discuss your vision for the quilt you want. Allow 8 weeks for completion once your project gets to the head of the studio schedule. A 25% deposit, by check, Venmo, or Paypal, is due when we sign a contract. The balance is due on delivery. You are welcome to visit your work-in-progress.

How much does it cost?

Projects incorporating special materials, including T-shirts, are $40/square foot. This includes individualized design, high quality materials, hand-guided machine quilting, an applied binding, a hanging sleeve and a custom label. Photo transfers to fabric are an additional cost.

For reference a lap quilt (60 x 60″) is 25 Sq. Ft. x$40 = $1000; Queen (90 x 108″) is 67.5 x $40 = 2700.

THIS IS AN HEIRLOOM QUALITY ITEM. You can buy cheaper, but you cannot buy better personalized service.

25% deposit is required when our contract is signed, with the balance due on completion. The customer pays shipping costs if any. Payment may be made by checks, cash, Venmo, or credit card through Square or Paypal.

How many shirts shall I provide?

In general, a lap size (60 x 60”) usually takes about 9-12 shirts while a king size (100 x 100″) uses about 35 – 40 shirts. If you have a collection of shirts that must all be included that will determine the area.

How long does it take?

Allow 6-8 weeks from the time we start your project. Each quilt is important and the studio schedule varies. If you need something for a specific date, please contact me 4 to 6 months ahead of time.

How do we get the ball rolling?

Schedule an appointment to commission your quilt by contacting us at or by phone 301-275-5831.

Quiltmaking is like a well-lived life. The creative use of materials at hand achieves a beautiful result that will warm and protect you and those you love. Living with a quilt, on the bed or on the wall, can be a daily call to mindfulness of the simple beauty that surrounds us. The gift of a quilt is a gesture of love, to someone special or to yourself.

Lauren Kingsland | Quilts for Life | One of a Kind Quilts | T-Shirt Quilt
T-Shirt Quilt | Lauren Kingsland | Quilts for Life | One of a Kind Quilts
T-Shirt Quilt | Lauren Kingsland | Quilts for Life | One of a Kind Quilts